How heavy is it?

One pack of Warmroom® weighs 1.3kgs.

How long will it take to deliver?

Your pack(s) of Warmroom® will be delivered within 14 working days. During holiday periods such as Christmas orders may take up to 21 working days.

How many panels are in a pack?

There are 6 x (500mm x 195mm) panels per Warmroom® pack that can be cut to fit radiators that are 1200mm x 600 mm or less.

Will I be refunded any return postage costs? 

We’ll refund your return costs on items sold up to our standard delivery option cost, if:

  • you received an incorrect item, or
  • you received a damaged item, or
  • you received a defective item.

What can I do to make Warmroom® more effective?

Keep the shiny surface clean by wiping or dusting it every month.

How long will the product work for (life expectancy)?

Indefinitely – the panel is permanently magnetic so it can be removed and reattached to another radiator should you move house and chose to take Warmroom® with you. The shiny side, when kept clean and shiny, will always prevent heat radiating to the wall due to its low emissivity.

What are the comparison between Warmroom® and radiator reflector panels?


  • Prevents heat radiating to the wall – reducing heat loss through the wall by up to 60%
  • No installation costs
  • Can be fitted in seconds
  • Cannot be seen when magnetized to the back of the radiator
  • Unlikely to be disturbed by a child with its non-visibility
  • Saves 19kgs of CO₂ per m² per year

Other Radiator Panel/rolls

  • ‘Reflects’ heat off the wall
  • Radiator needs taking off the wall to apply the panels (you may need to pay a plumber to do this) – Time consuming, fiddly, costly and messy
  • Adhesive must be bought & applied to the panels, then adhered to the wall, permanently! This may make a mess of your décor
  • Visible when attached to the wall behind the radiator
  • High probability of disturbance by a child for panels that are visible
  • Only saves 17kgs of CO₂ per m² per year

What size radiator do the panels cover?

Each pack of Warmroom® (containing 6 x panels) covers a 1200mm x 600 mm radiator. It can be cut to fit any sized radiator below 1200mm x 600mm.

What things should I consider before buying Warmroom®?

To get the best results, your walls should be un-insulated and the radiator should be on an external wall (most effective), however Warmroom® does work on all steel radiators on the inside of your home.

Does it work on an internal radiator?

Yes – Warmroom® prevents heat radiating to any wall, however, being fitted to an internal wall is less effective. Warmroom® is more effective on radiators situated on externally facing walls within a building.